Machine Learning on AWS with a single command

Nimbo is a dead-simple command-line tool that allows you to run code on AWS as if you were running it locally. It abstracts away the complexity of AWS, allowing you to build, iterate, and deliver ML models faster than ever.

$ nimbo run "python --lr=3e-4"


The fastest way to prototype on AWS

Nimbo drastically simplifies your AWS workflow by taking care of instance, environment, data, and IAM management - no changes to your codebase needed. Whether you are just getting started with AWS or are a seasoned veteran, Nimbo takes the pain out of doing Machine Learning in the cloud, allowing you to focus on what matters - building great models for your clients.

Powerful commands

Nimbo provides many useful commands to supercharge your productivity when working with AWS, such as easily launching notebooks, checking prices, logging onto an instance, or syncing data.

$ nimbo notebook Launching instance... Instance running. (19.05s) InstanceId: i-0c4473b5c6cb5b56 Waiting for instance to be ready for ssh at Syncing conda, config, and setup files... ... ... ================================================= Jupyterlab installation not found. Installing... Notebook running at http://localhost:57467/lab


Your Infrastructure

Code runs on your EC2 instances and data is stored in your S3 buckets. This means that you can easily use the resulting models and data from anywhere within your AWS organization, and use your existing credits, permissions, and credentials.

User Experience

Nimbo gives you the command line tools to make working with AWS as easy as working with local resources. No more complicated SDKs and never-ending documentation.


Want to use a custom AMI? Just change the image ID in the Nimbo config file. Want to use a specific conda package? Just add it to your environment file. Nimbo is built with customization in mind, so you can use any setup you want.

Seamless Spot Instances

With Nimbo, using spot instances is as simples as changing a single value on the config file. Enjoy the 70-90% savings with AWS spot instances with no changes to your workflow.

Managed Images

We provide managed AMIs with the latest drivers across all regions. We will also release AMIs that come preloaded with ImageNet and other large datasets, so that you can simply spin up an instance and start training.

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