Who we are

Picture of MiguelPicture of Juozas

Hi, we are Miguel and Juozas, the creators of Nimbo. Miguel is a final year Machine Learning PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and a Machine Learning consultant. Juozas is a full-stack software developer based in Edinburgh.

Nimbo was born out of Miguel's frustration when he was asked to train a neural network on AWS by his manager. Miguel spent days trying to set up the infrastructure for this seemingly simple task. Only one thought was plaguing Miguel's mind - “I want to be doing Machine Learning, not DevOps”. We joined forces to deliver a solution that would be the fastest way to prototype on AWS.

Our goal

We have only one goal - to provide an unparalleled user experience for training and deploying Machine Learning models on your AWS or GCP infrastructure. As such, we welcome all feedback, no matter how minuscule it is! You can share your thoughts by emailing us at support@nimbo.sh or raising an issue on our GitHub issue tracker.